Vidarr the Honorable, Emissary of the Beornings

Vidarr the Honorable, Emissary of the Beornings

When Beorn began gathering followers to the Carrock, Vidarr heard the call and came a-running.  Already in his forties, he had seen goblins and wild men do much ill work in the upper Anduin region, and he welcomed the chance to join with others to create a place of peace and safety.

1. Woodland raiders

When the wanderer Rannulf came to the Carrock warning of wild men planning a raid, Vidarr volunteered to assist. The two returned to the threatened village of the woodmen, where Vidarr helped convince the villagers to band together against the common threat. Vidarr returned to the Carrock wiser in the ways of Wilderland, and willing to wander further.


2. Trade mission

Beorn saw Vidarr's growing wisdom and sent him as a counsellor with two younger and more ambitious Beornings who aimed to open trade with the newly propsering town of Dale. Hekl, who raised fierce bees, and Jekl, a successful hunter, hoped that the Bardings would welcome their products. Their prideful words and unwillingness to work alongside the Bardings during harvest made their entreaties fruitless. Indeed, King Bard seemed ready to send the trade mission home.


Vidarr, meanwhile, had been working alongside an apothecary's apprentice. His wisdom and her knowledge together found that an herb grown near the Carrock could produce a healing salve which could heal some newly sickened folk. When Vidarr quietly revealed this to King Bard, he convinced the ruler that trade with the Carrock could be worthwhile. The apothecaries quickly went to work rendering more salve, and Vidarr returned to the Carrock to much accolade.


3. Spiders return

The next spring, the apothecary (apprentice no longer), came to the Carrock seeking more herbs and some advice. The sickness in Dale had come from poisoned water, and she sought a cure. Vidarr and the apothecary quickly realized that answers likely resided in Laketown, where Smaug's carcass still poisoned the depths of Long Lake. Together with another Beorning traveler, they set out through the woodland paths.


In Mirkwood, they were surprised to find that the bridge across the enchanted stream no longer held. It had been ruined, but by who or what they could not see. The woods all around seem darker, and there was a noisome smell. Their only choice to cross the water was to improvise a raft. The raft got them across, but just barely, and their feet got a thorough soaking in the process. Ungentle itching and burning quickly set in, causing the two Beorning to go barefoot and the apothecary to slather salve in her socks.


In the night, as they rested their itching feet, Vidarr's spirit went wandering in bear form. He ranged up the enchanted stream and discovered a nest of Mirkwood spiders poisoning the waters with a clutch of eggs. These evil creatures needed a cool, dark place to hatch, and the waters of the enchanted stream were helping their brood to grow. The spiders noticed Vidarr and attacked. He smashed several with his paws, but a venomed bite from one spider woke him from his spirit wanderings. He awoke to a poisoned wound on his hand that was slow to heal despite the apothecary's skilled aid. The group made their way as quickly as they could to Laketown with a dual warning: poisoned water in Dale and spiders nesting in the forest.


4. Audience in Laketown

Vidarr and the apothecary sought an audience with the Master of Laketown, which started off well enough. The Master welcomed them as neighbors and seemed to take their warnings seriously. After the Master turned aside to consult with his advisor, Wilhelm, his mood turned. He sent Vidarr and the apothecary away, dismissing their concerns.


Vidarr wandered Laketown, seeing the new pilings and boardwalks rising up in the wake of Smaug's ruin. He found the guardsmen of the town more receptive to his warnings, since they too had seen signs of the spiders' return. He also learned that many in the town, both among the guard and the revived merchant class, feared the influence of Wilhelm over the Master of Laketown. At the next council meeting, Vidarr convinced leaders of the two factions to combine their influence and force the Master to expel Wilhelm from town.


Before they can relish the joy of political victory, people in Laketown begin to sicken. Vidarr quickly offers his aid, promising that the herb-lore of the Beornings can cure them. His promises prove rash, and some Laketowners die. The sickness appears to be coming from poisoned water storage barrels.


The apothecary sends to Dale for help from colleagues who rush to Laketown and indeed find a cure using Beorning herbs. Vidarr makes a public speech of contrition for his rashness, regretting his own failures but urging the cooperation among Laketown, Dale, and the Carrock. Some, particularly among the guard and merchants, applaud him and set to work. Others are suspicious and solely credit the Bardings for savings the ill Laketowners.

Vidarr the Honorable, Emissary of the Beornings

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